GET EXCITED for This Week in ISSA:

We will be voting on MEMBER T-SHIRT DESIGNS, so come out with your most creative ideas!

Also, if you're interested in playing FLAG FOOTBALL (both boys or girls), contact Renee_John (for boys) or Rupy_Guryan (for girls) and sign up online!

Most importantly, PAY YOUR DUES!!!! After tonight, there will be a $5.00 LATE FEE!

After the meeting we will have another MASQUERADE BALL COMMITTEE MEETING. We'll be deciding on sponsors, finalizing a dinner menu, setting down a schedule, and much, much more!

DANCE PRACTICE at 9pm in RUSSELL GYM (don't forget your Baylor IDs!)

Lastly, come out and support one of ISSA's dance teams and ISSA, THURSDAY NIGHT at GLOBAL VILLAGE!!! It's gonna be in the SUB Bowl area starting at 7! ISSA will be doing mendhi and our dance team will be performing! (if you are interested in being a mendhi artist, contact Reenal_Bhakta).

AND DON'T FORGET BE THE CHANGE THIS SATURDAY AT 8AM IN RUSSELL FIELDS!!!!! (the first 100 people get a free shirt!)


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